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Tuning Synesthesia (tSynsth, TS) is an interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers, designeers, dedicated to a sustainable identity in design and its development.

The team focuses on a thorough and proactive research of existing systems and design prototypes for application in design and architecture practice; the result of which has been publicly acclaimed in the format of a series of computational design workshops held successfully in Beijing in the year 2016. The team expertise extends to several areas in interdisciplinary system research, including architecture, computer science, nature science, literature, art and music; and applied to master planning, architectural design, building skin standardization, landscape design, and web application. As specialized consultants in computational design, the team has collaborated on projects with many global and domestic firms, some of which have been awarded notable recognition, both practical and academic.


Our Design

Multivalence to Synesthetic Design
Our concept in design starts from this universal idea, interpretation differs dramatically from person to person. When intangible phenomena are embodied, interpretation plays an immense role from a project’s onset to its conclusion. We believe that the process of design should span across disciplines, be open to multifaceted perspectives and be devised with ingenuity. Significant emphasis is placed on the understanding of the multivalence of our world to more fully create products that satisfy the practical and aesthetic desires of our customers, allowing our designs to reach a larger and more diverse expanse of users. We embrace this idea of multivalence and incorporate it in real applications of computation within our various types of design.

Synesthesia is described as a condition in which two or more of the five senses that most people experience separately are mixed (Merrian). For example, in addition to seeing colors, one may also feel or smell them, or involve any combination of the five senses. While speaking of synesthesia, the idea of multivalence is a natural phenomenon that can be observed, studied, and put to practical use. It is our mission that, by exploring and tuning our own synesthetic design, we can aim to create a design style that is more multivalent with the possibility of reaching a diverse network of users and goals.



Chie Fuyuki<br />

Chie Fuyuki

Founder and Principal Designer

M.Arch. Pratt Institute, B.F.A Rikkyo University; Previous Work Experiences: Roy Co., MAD Ltd., THAD.

Lichao Qin<br />

Lichao Qin

Partner, Architect

B.Arch Guangxi University; Previous Work Experiences: MAD, DotA, THAD, CCDI

Mengyao Zhang<br />

Mengyao Zhang


Visual and Content Designer, Thinkwell Asia; M.Arch Politecnico di Milano; B.Arch Tsinghua University

Zehao Qin<br />

Zehao Qin


Bachelor of China Central Academy of fine arts Public art and space design Worked as an intern in Beijing Central Academy of Public Art


Past Members




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