CAFA Computational Design Workshop 2018 - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

Public Art and Space Design, City Design School
CAFA Computational Design Workshop 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of registration for our new computational design workshop in collaboration with Central Academy of Art in Beijing.
The design studio is this time the most focused, targeting art and spatial design, we explore the intersection between artistic abstraction and algorithmic/generative expression. We expect it to be much fun and hope many students can join and explode creativity together.


For details, please follow the link below.


A Course: From 2018.12.15 13 days; B Course: From 2018.12.27 11 days;
@Central Academy of Art(燕郊校区)
12800CNY (including accommodation); Early-bird price 9800CNY (for registration before 12.08)