Midori - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计


LOCATION 地点:New York 纽约

PROGRAM 功能:Residential, Commercial 居住与商业

SCALE 规模:13,150 m²

YEAR 时间:2015


Midori – Green – Ori – Folding – MidOri is a vertical artisan village that grows together with the vibrant culture, people, and fields of Highline. As the name stands for, its folded surface generated by wave morphology provides an elegant yet powerful continuous farming belt. While the seed of sunflower arranged in spiral efficiently increases the exposure to resources, the structural formation of MidOri is also intended to be self-organized to the maximum extent possible to assure the best sunlight condition for every dwelling and commercial unit that fatures a farming space. In a smaller scale, folding components span horizontally across separated units to achieve continuity among them. They eventually perform as exterior functional components to help farming activities.


Location 地点

New York, USA 美国纽约

Typology 功能

Residential 住宅

Year 时间


Summary 概要

SD, Competition (AWR NYC Sky Condo)竞赛方案设计

Scale 规模

13,150 sqm 平米


Architecture, Project