Rainbow Cloud - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

Rainbow Cloud

STATUS: Published
TYPES: Competition
TYPOLOGY: Landart Installation
SCALE: 100 Acres
YEAR: 2012


The installation of the Rainbow Cloud is inspired from the behaviour and formation of clouds. As clouds are dynamic and ubiquitous mass of particles, Rainbow Cloud will be a transformative collective made of thousands of portable and fixed balloons. Rainbow Cloud will represent cultural as well as ecological features. The cultural features will include the creation of social spaces while the ecological features will involve the collection of energy. This will help in delivering a fascinating dynamic background to the outdoors and creating a boundless collection of intrigue creations and patterns.


Due to the colorful lighting pattern of clouds at the end of the day, the data showing how much energy generated by the whole park in a day will be envisioned. With the help of the generated data, the visitors will be able to receive the images of the clouds on their personal devices such as IPhone etc. These images will be based on seven colors. The red parts will show higher energy as compared to the blue parts that will show lower energy. This will enhance the awareness of the visitors toward the ecology of the Park. Rainbow Cloud as the name suggests will encompass different utilities just like a rainbow to draw a complete picture of restoration process. The key characteristics of the Rainbow Cloud include flexibility, impermanency, aesthetics, and informative. The visitors visiting the park are given a balloon like component to wear, representing a single particle of cloud, login to the cloud. This will provide the visitors or the users of the component dynamic amenity of the park, not only an access to the network of the park for the latest park’s information but also active and passive ways of amenity, in this way serving the dual purpose. The visitors can access the information of the park like flora fauna and different kinds of cultural/ ecological events that will be placed within the park on the day of their visit.


The purpose of the Rainbow Cloud installation will thus be twofold. First, it will serve to be a companion to the visitors for exploring, travelling along and learning about the park augmenting the experience of the visitors and giving them awareness about the park. Secondly, it will serve as a canopy where the visitors can relax after a long exploration of the park: the Cloud Station. In this way, Rainbow Cloud may bring a new experience for the visitors of the park with an eye catching dramatic silhouette in the sky at the same time casting a diffuse shadow on the landscape over time. The Rainbow Cloud installation will act as a dynamic agent of ecology for the park. It will be 3 to 12 feet long with not more than 5000 particles consisting of masses of clouds. The flow and activity of the visitors will contribute to the overall ecosystem of the park with its solar, kinetic, and wind powered devices.


As mentioned above, the functionalities of clouds serve for dual purposes depending on what types of energy each agent is suitable to mediate. As a companion to the visitor, the active agent will mediate kinetic energy through visitor’s locomotion and, as a component of canopy; the passive agents will mediate sunlight to energy to the New York City’s utility grid. The Rainbow Cloud installation with its use will generate 52,963 kw of electric energy that will supply power to approximately 7,614 homes in the city. This will be achieved using concentrating solar facade systems, piezoelectric generators and additional wind energy devices. Rainbow Cloud will not require any outside power and hence it will be very much self-sufficient in terms of energy usage.


It can supply power to the electric grid of the entire park along with its own installation.

Thus, Rainbow Cloud will cater all the requirements required at Fresh Kills Park. In addition to this, its continuous use will help in enhancing the restoration process of the Park.


Landscape, Project