Sino Ocean Health Living Center - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

Sino Ocean Health Living Center




The architectural design of Sino Ocean’s Health Living Center is initiated and inspired by the vision of Sino Ocean’s future housing projects/products. Much effort was put into designing this to be the best opportunity for the company to showcase their business goal.
Sinoocean Health Living Center is to be an effective interface between the city, the people, nature, and the company Sino Ocean, being highly responsible to today’s social concerns. It is a community-based exhibition center where people can grow together and start to form a life in the future. Our mission is to revitalize the city network in terms of the key qualities: Health, Cloud, and House.

Location 地点

Beijing 北京

Client 甲方

Sino Ocean 远洋集团

Typology 功能

Exhibition Center 展览

Year 时间


Architecture Design 建筑设计

系联设计 (Chie Fuyuki,覃立超,覃泽昊,马小英,王晨阳,范佳星)

Exhibition Design 展陈设计


Scale 规模

Summary 概要


Architecture, Project