Wu-Feng-Ling-Ting 吴风绫亭 - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

Wu-Feng-Ling-Ting 吴风绫亭



Background 设计背景


Silk, Jiangnan Women, Chinese Garden, Poetic Water (Wu-Feng-Ling-Ting)
吴带当风 | 蜀锦吴绫 | 亭台轩榭 | 吴江水韵
With elements from Wujiang’s long history and aiming at showcasing the traditional Chinese culture, this proposal uses conceptual collage to realize an integrated design with multiple layers in a creative way. We believe that the unique tourism industries here will be fully championed by associated industries along the spotlight product-Cheongsam. It is our core thinking to create a sightseeing spotlight in eastern China with a combination with traditions and renovations.


Concept 概念


Our topic with four Chinese letters is a composed intentions, and also the form and soul of this small town. It has four layers, overlapped by three Chinese idioms. The first one Wudaidangfeng stands for the spirit of Chinese painting here where Scholars come forth in large numbers; and its spirit makes contributions the meaning of Garden of Jiangnan-the second idiom relates; the third one refers to acclaimed local silk, which represent the handicraft and artisans and lies the both material and cultural basis of the classic apparel-Cheongsam. Last intention hides in character “WU”, which easily reminds people of Jiangnan water towns. The transparency and flow of water is the fourth concept we value.


In general, our design organically contains the four layers: Cheongsam,landscape,water and pictorial splendor.

Cheongsam:soft,fit,curve;garden:water, building, promenade. The landscape lies in dynamic layout. With the concept of the reflection image of Chinese Ting on water, we design the architecture’s plan and facade as well as the landscape.

Plan: to simulate the extensive character of silk, using stretching structure to link every pavilion spatially.

Elevation:the facade showcase the stretching feeling .Ting and water reflection presents the Chinese garden’s intentions.

Landscape: simply extract every components in Chinese garden:water,stone,trees, etc. Also insert rest and auxiliary functions into the landscape.

Location 地点

Wujiang, China 吴江, 中国

Typology 功能

Museum, Academy 博物馆及学院

Team 团队

Chie Fuyuki, 覃立超, 覃泽昊, 胡天宝

Year 时间


Summary 概要

SD, Competition 竞赛方案设计

Scale 规模

96460 sqm 平米


Architecture, Project