Zhaoshang Solar Building - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

Zhaoshang Solar Building

LOCATION 地点:Jiangsu 江苏, 镇江
PROGRAM 功能:Mixed Convention Center, Gallery 展览馆, 画廊
SCALE 规模:2,500 m²
YEAR 时间:2014


This project is a design proposal for the open competition held by China Merchants Property Development Company Limited (CMPDCL招商地产) at 2012. The site is located on the green community (绿色社区) which has been developed by CMPDCL thus the requirement for the proposal is to supply the sustainable approach with use of solar panels. The total area of solar panels we arranged on our proposal’s roof is 220 sqm.

Location 地点

Nanjing, China 南京

Typology 功能

Cultural Center 文化展览中心

Year 时间


Summary 概要

SD, Competition 竞赛方案设计

Scale 规模

2,300 sqm 平米


Architecture, Project