Service - Tuning Synesthesia -系联设计

→ Architectural Design

At Tuning Synesthesia, architecture is the crux of our multifaceted practice. We employ our extraordinary expertise to help shape the world. From start to finish our work reflects what motivates and inspires our worldwide clientele. Our knowledge of buildings and spaces, superior conceptual and schematic interpretations, innovation, and creativity have helped us establish a stunning portfolio of satisfied clients. In keeping with our high standards, we successfully deliver our clients’ projects on schedule and within budget.

Available Skills

  • CAD 2D Programs: AutoCAD with 天正, VectorWorks
  • 3D Modeling Programs: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Maya, 3D Studio Max
  • Programming: Rhinoscript (Python and Visual Basic), Rhino Grasshopper + GH Python, Processing and Arduino
  • Graphics Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Environmental Simulation Software: Ecotect


→ Web Design and Development

Our diverse team, underscored by a wealth of experience, believes that user-friendliness is the cornerstone of any website. That is why our clients can expect a thorough analysis of their concept and needs with top-of-the-line technology in the offline planning stages. Our best programmers and designers convene to formulate a comprehension and responsive design to deliver online. Website visitors want a site that is secure and easy to maneuver and that is just what we provide for our clients. We keep up with the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of web design by:
1. Achieving fluid communication between the website and server with AJAX/Angular technology to send and receive data asynchronously
2. Create customized themes and plugins in modern frameworks like WordPress.

Available skills
PHP (framework in WordPress), HTML, CSS + SCSS, Javascript (+ jQuery, Ajax, Canvas, Node.js, Angular.js), Grunt or Gulp, Version Control (Git)


→ Computational Design Workshop